Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Crafts

and Christmas time is the absolute best time for them. 

Christmas decorations can be pretty pricey decorations to only have up for about a month out of the year (or longer if you're lazy and/or me) in your home. Especially when you like to change your look from year to year. Plus, its the perfect activity for a girls' get together when the cold weather forces you indoors!

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, my friend Whitney hosted an ornament making party and I've tackled some other crafts here and there when I had some free time on my own. Here is what I've made so far!

book/music page ornaments
i got the inspiration from here.

glass ornaments from Michael's 6 for $2.50; old book $1.21; old hymnal (sorry Lord) $1.21; modpoge; glitter; and twine


I have really loved the look of mercury glass for this season (probably because of this and this..) 
You can find some pretty inexpensive faux mercury glass candle holders and votives at Michael's and TJMaxx, but what is wayy more fun? 
Making your own!!

glass christmas tree + 2 candle holders = less than $3 at Value Village; krylon looking glass spray paint $7 hobbylobby


I got inspired to make these mason jar snow globes from my friend Charis, because she made such cute ones!

mason jar $1.21 at Value Villiage, snow and trees from Michael's

And this has nothing to do with crafts, but its not Christmas without some cozy lights strung around :)


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