Monday, April 25, 2011

Sun, it will rise, soon enough.

This past weekend was Easter, so since I had the day off on Friday I made a short visit home. It was so nice to be there and to spend time with my family! I miss running errands around town with my mom, watching funny t.v. shows with my dad, and late night talks with my sister. I also miss being all together laughing around the dinner table. It was too short of a visit :(

But I came back early Saturday to celebrate the birthday of my good friend LD and have lunch with these lovely ladies. I am so thankful for them!

The day ended with a birthday celebration for LD at one of my favorite mexican restaurants, Cantina 1511, and a little music by Bear Romantic at a block party in Plaza Midwood.

New favorites: the band Fleet Foxes (you should check them out!) and artichokes (so delicious dipped in melted butter).

Last, but definitely not least, a few photos snapped at my small group leader's bridesmaid luncheon of her sweet sisters

and one of her on her wedding day. She is an amazing friend and encourager in my life. I know the two of them will have a blessed life full of love - so happy for them :)


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