Sunday, May 20, 2012

mark your calendars outtakes

Happy Sunday!!

Sunday is usually a day of rest for me, but today I am just on a roll and can't stop going. Cleaned the house, washed clothes, even cleaned my CAR..

Anyways, I wanted to share a few of the outtakes from our Save the Date session. Kevin and I are REALLY on a budget with our wedding and are trying to save as much $$ as possible without sacrificing too much of what we want. For our save the dates, I knew I wanted to send postcards so I scourged the internet and found (which im sure every one else has heard of but me). If you ignore the actual 'save the date' section you can get 100 postcards for $24.99! What a deal, right?! Even more so that they took an extra 30% off my final order! It also allowed you to upload your own image, so I got my roommate to take pictures of us in a park across the street from our house one Friday evening. Basically the whole shoot was accidental since she was trying to figure out how to work my camera and catch the light just right the whole time, ha! She isn't a photographer but I think she did pretty dang good! So here are some unedited outtakes. I can't wait to show you the finished product!!!


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love, m

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  1. cuuute! we used the same site for our save the dates! i love cheap!