Sunday, March 11, 2012

Diy: Chalkboard Tray

I first saw this idea on Pinterest (of course) and it seemed easy enough so had to give it a shot myself. I got lucky and found a tray at Value Village for only $3.13. It was seriously tarnished, but it was going to be painted anyways, so I snagged it! I thought about keeping it gold around the edges but the tarnishing was all over it, so I just gave the whole thing a fresh coat of paint! I already had the chalkboard and white spray paint on hand, so my total cost for this DIY was $3.13! (I did try to make it a giant magnet board by adding a bunch of magnetic strips to the back, but apparently trays are really heavy and I ended up having to just hang it up on the wall).



Step 3 is to find a cute assistant to help dry (this step is kind of necessary).


Ok, so really there are only 2 really easy steps, but who doesn't want a cute assistant?! 
When you're finished hang wherever and write cute things on it!




  1. i found your blog on charis's blog--super cute. i am totally copying you with that chalkboard tray--such a great idea!


    1. aw thanks :) you so should, i use it all the time!!