Monday, February 6, 2012

life update

I feel like I have been kind of M.I.A. the past couple of weeks. I decided to take a [little] break from the social media world to try and fill my spirit and my time with more meaningful things. I've been working on reading more, having quiet time more often, and spending my evenings with close friends who breathe encouragement and positivity into my life.
Sometimes you just need to cleanse your soul, you know?
It's been good. And really good for me.

But, I haven't been completely off the grid! Recently, a good friend of mine got engaged. That same day her fiance had planned a surprise birthday party for her, so we all got to celebrate together! I also went to a fun 90's dance partayy 3 weekends ago, and 2 weekends ago celebrated my roommate/best girl's 25th birthday!  I decorated our apartment with a DIY banner and some balloons and made her a cookie cake of her favorite things (pink, black, and bikes)!


This past weekend a friend of mine had his photography and some print work put up in a gallery. He is very talented, y'all. The photography and print was for a collaboration he did with CLASP International over in Zambia - and you can see some of his work here and here :)

Then I went to brunch Saturday morning with some girl friends and got delicious coffee drinks and eggs benedict w/ grits. 

And I helped Kevin pick out some new glasses. Isn't he cute?!


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